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The debut spirit from SDC, the ROCKET VODKA
is named after our still. A custom built vessel with
a unique look and history who's construction set
in motion our company's drive to do big things in
the very exciting world of craft distilling in
Washington state and beyond.

A sipping Vodka, a concept not often
considered. Heavy filtering after distillation
is not part of the equation here. We wanted
you to enjoy the taste of the spirit's
origin. With the Rocket, it's the red winter
wheat from Eastern Washington.
A very unique take on an age old idea
that lends its self new and inovative
cocktails, asking you to,
Taste Your Spirit.


"Super smooth, full of subtle grain and spice flavors and with a hint of sweetness and light on the back end, this vodka goes perfectly by itself over ice but also brings its personality nicely into cocktails."
— A.J. Rathbun - Seattle Magazine

We are very proud to introduce the Vashon Idle Hour Whiskey. A single malt barrel aged whiskey with a hint of honey added during fermentation.
For over 100 years, the weary urban Seattleite has found retreat across Puget Sound on the water’s edge of Vashon Island. We crafted this whiskey to evoke the spirit of downtime and in homage to our hardworking pioneers – then and now. Embrace a moment to sip, relax and watch the bees do the work.


Vapor infused botanicals:

Juniper berries
Coriander seeds
Whole Hazelnuts

Orris root
Angelica root
Cinnamomum verum
Lemon peel
Bitter Almond
The Alpinist embraces the purity of the Cascade mountains and the attention to detail it takes to explore them. Gin is an artful spirit that beckons us to discover the possibilities. We created a complex Gin that invigorates the senses like the crisp clean air of a high alpine moraine. Here’s to great explorations.

From Vashon

Island time, a sentiment we often rely on. This time, we created a liqueur with the intention of pure bliss. With a coffee forward taste and using our Rocket Vodka as the back beat, we think you'll never leave the beach.
Partnering with the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, we chose their Orca Blend to create what we hope will be the new standard for coffee liqueurs.


the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie